Charity Cheque Erskine    Bro A Kennedy 1st R.W.M.    The West Wall        The East standing in the West

             Lodge East from the West    Sun setting in the West of Lodge        RWM Bro A;lec Maitland

           V.O.S.L.          Open V.O.S.L.   RWM Bro Geo McCall Presented By Bro Wm Middleton                 

                            MasonicWalking Stick       Edward the V11 Sword                   George V Sword        

                 West Wall   Inauguration Candle      Lodge Alter           RWM Bro Robert Rodgers

RWM Bro Iain McPhedran       RWM Bro Joe Watson  RWM Bro John Hulme         

RWM Bro Alec Maitland and Lodge Office Bearers. Circa 2004 Check out big Wullie at the back.Fairly Aged Ha Ha Ha 

O.B. Lodge St Andrew 544..2010/11          RWM Bro Colin S Fulton 2010/11          Bro S Galloway and A McCaig 2010/11

I.Ms.W Carson and I. McPhedran  RWM Bro C F Fulton and Son William. O.B 2010/11 Family Connections